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Knowledge Publications - Down-to-earth, practical books on fuel alternatives including alcohol, hydrogen and much more.

Survival Kits, Emergency Supplies and Disaster Recovery Products - People's Guide to Basic Solar Power author Seavey's strawbale house-building project in Baja, Mexico. An under $20,000 self-sufficient off-grid house built from mostly recycled materials. This is an example of Seavey's small scale solar strategies at work (including solar water heating). Occasional group trips planned. - all about green cars by yours truly. This is the site that tracks the latest research and commentary on all things Peak Oil-related. An article by People's Guide author Seavey on the Garage Filling Station was published in 2006.

Solar Grill Kit - Build a High Quality Solar Grill for less than $50! - A one stop source for campers seeking free or very low cost campgrounds in LTV's, on BLM land, and other unusual places, U.S. and Canada. - Rural Property Bulletin is the national marketplace for rural property: ranches, resorts, hunting and fishing land, small town bargains, rural businesses, etc. - An adventure travel/tour organization dedicated to assisting poor peoples in some of the world's most oppressed regions.

San Francisco's New Solar Incentive Program - Keep up to date on the Solar Power Incentive Program from the San Francisco Public Utilties Commission

Lazar's Solar Guide

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